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'The Shopping Rules'

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A brand new confident
image in just 2 hours.

Discover the ‘Colour, Style & Shopping’ Rules 

Joining the Look Good Club costs less than you would think. All you do is book a private session just for you, or come with a friend and  in just a couple of hours you will learn:

  • how to shop for your perfect colours-the ones that makes you look years younger, healthier & brighter;
  • how to find the right styles-that make you look taller, slimmer and more elegant - and also suit your lifestyle;
  • how to apply the ‘Rules’ to shop for a wearable, inexpensive, co-ordinated, stylish wardrobe ready for any occasion;
  • how to select what really suits rather than what the retailer wants you to buy.

Fast Results: 2 -4 hours

2- 4 hours will give you greater confidence in your appearance than any amount of time spent on hair, facials, waxing or botox.

My consultations are friendly, warm, relaxed and will not ‘tell you off’. You will not have to take your make up off, strip off of anything else remotely embarrassing. You will not have to dump half your wardrobe and you WILL have something to wear!

In order to become a member of the 'Look Good Club' you will firstly have to follow these steps:

Step 1

'The Colour Rules' (approx 2 hours)
Discover the colours that make you look your very best, those that make you look younger, brighter and healthier. You will be amazed at the results!

By using a series of colour drapes you will see your image transformed & you will discover:

  • your best seasonal pallette of colours
  • the dozen or so colours that make you look your absolute best
  • how to choose make up in exactly the right colours
  • how to colour-coordinate your accessories
  • how to shop using your colour swatch

Special Offer

Colour Analysis (The Colour Rules) just got easier. Like just about everything else at the moment my Colour Shopping Swatches have been going up in price now reaching a heady £22. Still good value and helps save a fortune on shopping but understandably has put one or two people off buying. The good news is I have now sourced a Mini Colour Fan available at just £8.00. An ideal size for your handbag, contains all your best colours and at a much more affordable price. You can still help yourself to photographs of your best colours and my paint charts too.

To celebrate I am offering you a Colour Rules Consultation for just £60 which will include a free Mini Colour Fan (an upgrade to a full Colour Wallet will cost an extra £12).

Two friends together will be £100, Colour Fans included - a saving of £20.

What next:

Please contact us for an appointment.

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Step 2

'The Style Rules' (approx 2 hours)
Learn how to choose clothes that feel and look right on you. Select the styles that suit you from the fashions of the season. Discover the secrets of illusion dressing.

Using a unique system of style draping you discover your best:

  • neckline, collar, shoulder line & sleeve
  • style of jacket, blouses, jumpers
  • style of dresses and skirts
  • length for jackets, dresses & skirts
  • style of trousers
  • the most flattering accessories
  • and much more...

Brand New Service: 'Fashion Drawing'
included with Style Rules Consultation

All Style Rules Consultations now include a unique ‘fashion drawing’ of yourself wearing an outfit designed specially for you.  It will represent your own personal style & will incorporate the rules on personality, shape, line and colour and will serve as a lasting reminder of ‘The Rules’.

Only £60

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What next:

Would you love to book a Consultation but feel a little anxious?

Read this recent email from a happy client. I thought I would include it here to reassure those of you who would love to book an appointment but feel anxious, insecure or even terrified of what I might do to you!

‘Thank you so much Julie for a brilliant morning. I love my new colours and would never have guessed them. I guess that’s why I have got to 56 years of age and never felt any confidence in my appearance.  Having booked with you I was terrified and nearly chickened out. But my daughter pushed me into the car with strict instructions to follow it though! But I needn’t have worried. As soon as you opened the door I knew I was in safe hands. You were friendly, chatty, down to earth and reassuring. You chatted like an old friend, explained what it was all about and led me gently through the process. Even looking at myself in the mirror for all that time was Ok once I’d got used to it. And the results speak for themselves. I now know what I am shopping for, I know what suits me and I have made a start on a new confidence-boosting wardrobe. Julie I can’t speak highly enough of you and what you have done for me. Thank you so much’.   Jackie

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The Shopping Rules (The Colour Rules + The Style Rules) (approx 4 hours)

  • look your best all the time
  • put together a stylish wardrobe whatever your budget
  • find out how to choose your most flattering colours and styles
  • select make up with confidence
  • wear scarves and put together accessories
  • save time, effort and money shopping for clothes
  • choose an outfit for that special occasion

Special Offer: The Shopping Rules Package

Why not take the plunge & book a confidence boosting 4 hours of colour & style advice. We cover the ‘Colour Rules’ & the ‘Style Rules’ so you will get it right every time. The package is priced at £110 and includes a free book-‘The ‘Shopping Rules’, a Mini Colour Swatch of your best colours, & a Personal Fashion Drawing.

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I am still in business after 15 plus years and wouldn’t be if I had modelled myself on the cruel and tactless presenters we sometimes see on TV. My sessions are for us ‘ordinary people’ living ‘ordinary lives’ but who want to look good, feel good and want to learn how to do it.

You will learn the Rules and have fun while you are doing it. You will then become a member of the Look Good Club.

Online Service

If you cannot visit me in my studio I have an online service available. As my website is attracting people from far and wide I am developing my online colour analysis service. Now you are able to book an online session as long as you have access to a computer and a phone. You send me a couple of head and shoulders photos and following our phone session I send you my guide to your best colours. Please contact me for further details.

What some of my clients say

Our course was greatly appreciated. You delivered it in an unassuming, gentle but effective way. Thank you so much-we all benefited greatly.

Liz ‘Spring Clean Your Life’

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