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Look Good Club: Wardrobe Quiz

When you look into your wardrobe, what do you see?

a) a mish-mash of colours and styles where very little matches and nothing seems to look right; or

b) a colour co-ordinated stylish wardrobe with clothes suitable for every occasion?

Try this quiz to find out

1. My wardrobe is

  1. a) Perfectly organised and co ordinated
  2. b) Generally mix and match with some mistakes
  3. c) A haphazard mix of colours and styles

2. When the occasion demands it

  1. a) I have put together a wardrobe which is right for every occasion
  2. b) The clothes in my wardrobe suit most occasions
  3. c) I never seem to have the right clothes

3. With regard to colour

  1. a) The colours I wear suit me and co ordinate together well
  2. b) I have an idea of what suits me but can always be swayed by a good bargain
  3. c) I am not really sure which colours work best for me

4. In terms of style

  1. a) I have a clear idea of what suits me and how to disguise my figure faults
  2. b) I find I sometimes buy clothes which do not look or feel quite right
  3. c) I am often very disappointed with the clothes I buy

5. Accessories:

  1. a) I have a few good accessories which match my clothes and create a versatile look
  2. b) I lack confidence when it comes to putting accessories together
  3. c) I have too few/ too many accessories which never seem to work together

6. Make up

  1. a) My make up consists of a few well chosen classic colours which enhance my natural look
  2. b) My make up drawer is full of colours collected over the years
  3. c) I am unsure what to wear and I am reluctant to experiment

7. Budget

  1. a) I plan my clothes budget carefully buying items to replace and update my wardrobe
  2. b) I have a limited budget and aim to buy wisely
  3. c) I overspend my budget but am often not happy with the results

8. Shopping

  1. a) I enjoy shopping but try not to impulse buy
  2. b) I would like to find a way of making clothes shopping easier
  3. c) Clothes shopping is a nightmare. I am prone to buying things that I never wear

If you answered...

Mostly A
You have a clear idea of what suits you and what you feel best wearing. You have a good sense of personal style. You plan your wardrobe with care and make the best use of whatever budget is available. Knowing the 'Shopping Rules' and joining the Look Good Club will give you new ideas and colours and give you confidence to experiment even more. Click here to book your session today.

Mostly B
You are interested in clothes and aim for a co-ordinated look. Whilst you have an instinct for what suits you but find you are tempted by bargains and impulse buys which sometimes turn out to be mistakes. You would benefit from discovering the ‘Shopping Rules’. It would help you focus on the type of clothes which would make you look your best all the time and give you greater confidence in your appearance. Click here to book your session today.

Mostly C
Selecting a co-ordinated stylish budget within your budget is not something that comes easily and is possibly not something you really enjoy. A knowledge of the 'Shopping Rules' would help enormously by taking the worry out of shopping, enabling you to look your best with minimum effort. Click here to book your session today.

Although the principles of working out what suits you is not difficult - it's just that no one taught us. There is no natural instinct or survival benefit in knowing what clothes will suit us so we have no innate knowledge to draw on.

Although Image Consultants have been working in this country for around 20 years, they are still a rare breed, surrounded in mystique and suspicion and their expertise has not yet got into common knowledge. 

Since setting up ‘Colour, Style and Confidence’ in 1993 I have taught on many courses and met literally thousands of women.
Despite the popular myth that women ‘love shopping’ I have found that most don’t. Many are confused by the choice available in the shops and somehow never manage to find the right outfit for the right occasion. The result is often a bulging, uncoordinated wardrobe with 'nothing to wear'. Money is wasted, and we can become anxious and depressed about our appearance. 

Contact 'The Look Good Club' today to find out what advice and guidance we can offer.

What some of my clients say

Our course was greatly appreciated. You delivered it in an unassuming, gentle but effective way. Thank you so much-we all benefited greatly.

Liz ‘Spring Clean Your Life’

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