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With Mothers' Day and Easter on the horizon why not treat yourself or someone you love to a Shopping Rules Consultation? For every 'Shopping Rules' consultation booked between now and 31st March receive a complimentary copy of my book 'The Shopping Rules'. All you need to do is mention my Mothers' Day/Easter Special offer .



Make sure your 2012 New Year resolution lasts forever–book yourself a Colour Rules Consultation today.

Have you noticed the amount of adverts, articles and features about facelifts, miracle creams, liposuction and cosmetic surgery not to mention the endless new diets and fitness regimes at this time of year? We know few of them work and even if they do it's only for a very short time. The weight always comes back and somehow the wrinkles survive the expensive new potion we trick ourselves into buying.

The one thing I guarantee works brilliantly and lasts for ever is a Colour Consultation. If you are one of those people who thinks getting proper colour advice is an expensive luxury think again. A massage, a new hair colour or a treat day at a Spa are all wonderful at the time but are in fact only momentary pleasures. Look Good Club girls know that discovering our colours is the best investment we can ever make in our appearance. A Colour Consultation is inexpensive and a wonderful treat. Whatever your age, tall or short, slim or not the results speak for themselves. People notice. You get compliments on your appearance that didn't happen before. You get fantastic results because wearing your best colours will always make you look younger, brighter and healthier with that extra special glow that gives you a welcome confidence boost. And that is even before you apply your make up!

Make sure that your 2012 New Year resolution lasts forever–treat yourself to a Colour Rules Consultation by .


BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital Evening at Wentworth Golf Club

One of the great things about my job is some of the prestigious events I get invited to speak at. On 18th May I had an invitation to host an evening for Consultants Secretaries at Wentworth Golf Club, Surrey. The idea of the evening was to entertain the guests and also to give everyone an indication of their best colours. As there were 30 women there this was quite a challenge. The format was a Pimms Reception, a presentation on the Shopping Rules and Colour Confidence (using plenty of pictures of the Royal wedding and a few celebrities to illustrate. Over a hot buffet supper I visited each of the five tables using my Kettlewell Colour samples to give individual advice. After supper we returned to the main room where I grouped the guests into Winter, Summer, Spring & Autumn to round off the evening with a few final thoughts and colours.  Everyone felt thoroughly entertained and informed with a few new colours to try out.

If you would like to organise an event for your workplace .


"Just a quick note to thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts on Wednesday night. The girls loved it - I thought you did brilliantly to get round everyone in the allotted time! Thank you once again for a fantastic event!"

Helen Durant, Business Development Manager - South - BMI Healthcare


Fit for a Princess

I enjoyed watching the Royal wedding like most of the world as not only did I want to see William, Kate and 'the dress’ I wanted to see what everyone was wearing'.

We were treated to a dazzling display of colour and styles. Most were great, where guests followed the Shopping Rules, with a few disasters where they didn't.

My presentation title for corporate events is usually 'Does Image Matter?' I say 'image matters when it matters'. In my view the Royal wedding was not the place to try out a new look as Princesses’ Beatrice and Eugenie did.  I for one would rather have been Pippa . Her simple, stunning dress transformed her image to a worthy 'sister of the Princess' status with mainly kind things said about her.  Bea on the other hand has become a figure of fun due to the strange hat and lack of taste.

We will never know these people yet we feel we do through their image. Their choice of clothes on tells us about them. We make judgments about their personality and we decide whether we like them or not. Yes, whether we like it or not, image matters.

It was noticeable that Kate’s family all stuck to their colours and the style rules and all looked wonderful & right for occasion. So did many of William’s side of the family.

By the way in case you wondered, Catherine is a bright winter (jewel colours royal blue, red, black & white) Carol Middleton (winter, same as Kate, but wearing ice blue) and Pippa is the same (emerald green evening dress for the party & bright blue jacket for the morning after photos). Beatrice a warm autumn like her mother (earthy colours) and Eugenie a bright winter or spring (I’m not sure which).

Make sure you know how to get your image right when it matters. .

For information about a 'Does Image Matter?' presentation please .


Fashion Trends for 2011

It wouldn’t be the New Year without a call to give my views on the Fashion Trends for 2011 on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire. Would you believe we could well see the return of 70’s fashion? Keep an eye out for shiny blouses tucked into high-waisted bell bottoms,  lots of crochet, macramé and lace, sheer maxi dresses, crop tops & wait for it, platform-soled clogs! If they don’t appeal to you maybe a patterned jump suit or the other key trend,’ biker meets punk’ with lots of thick leather jackets & trousers decorated with zips galore would? As ever the High St buyers will cherry pick from these trends to make their merchandise more wearable-but do remember to apply the Shopping Rules carefully. The 70s look was great in its day but perhaps not in 2011.

For more on 2011 fashion trends click here.

I am however delighted to read that there will be return to summer pastel colours in 2011. Great for fair skinned, fair haired, blued-eyed types like me. Take a look at the colour trends here.

Wishing you a Colourful & Stylish 2011!


The Shopping Rules: Runnymede Hospital. An evening for Consultants’ Secretaries

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is the variety of different audiences I get to meet & speak to about the ‘Shopping Rules’. One such event was organised by BMI Runnymede Hospital at the Woodlands Park Hotel in Cobham. This was a prestigious event to thank all the hardworking secretaries who manage the Medical Consultants’ heavy workload as this famous private hospital. A champagne reception & delicious 4 course dinner was followed by my presentation using slides of famous celebrities to illustrate the Shopping Rules. As an added bonus I was able to spend a short time with each of the 30 women there to give them an idea of their best ‘Kettlewell’ Colour It was hard work and I had to go at quite a pace to fit it all in, but it got everyone involved and all agreed it was an interesting, enjoyable & entertaining evening. If you would like a similar event organising for your team or group give me a call on 02476 675410 or .


Does Image Matter?

Once more I have been invited onto BBC radio to discuss 'Does Image Matter?' This time it was prompted by photographs of Justine Thornton, Ed Milliband's partner who some might say was 'caught out' looking very unconfident in the appearance stakes. read more

I would not have survived in my job for long if I hadn’t learned to be tactful about peoples dress sense.  I admitted on radio to having sympathy with Justine who like most of the country was possibly not expecting Ed to become Labour party leader and was therefore unaware she’d find herself on the front page of the Daily Mail having her unflattering,  dated, uncoordinated  outfit scrutinised by all and sundry. My opinion?  Well I think, image matters when it matters, and Justine & Ed should have taken more care & been a little more savvy on such an important PR day. When you are in the public eye a Consultation with an Image consultant is a wise investment. The rest of us may not have such a high profile but it certainly helps to know the Shopping Rules so you can confidently put together an outfit that suits you when you need to. Make sure you are better prepared than Justine.


The Look Good Club on You Tube

A full two part interview all about the Look Good Club with Julie Sanders can be found on You Tube:

Click here for PART 2


Other News

Kettlewell  Colours
Take a look at the new Kettlewell colours In addition to tops they have now added a couple of skirts and dresses to their range. There are some gorgeous new colours and I’m told some new ideas in the forthcoming winter catalogue. My latest Kettlewell wardrobe additions include tops in bluebell & periwinkle and the very classy French grey. As ever the quality and fit are excellent  & the colours are true to the seasonal palette (in my case summer).

The Look Good Club continues to provide individuals consultations on the Colour Rules & the Style Rules. People come for all sorts of reasons. Whether its women looking for a new image after losing weight or men looking for love after the end of a relationship all find a huge confidence boost to help take them forward with whatever plans they have for their lives. If you need fresh start, a confidence boost or a new approach to your clothes shopping give me a call on 02476 675410 or . I look forward to meeting you. Julie


Pre-General Election 2010 image

Do you remember pre general Election 2010? All the talk was the image of the party leaders, Gordon Brown, David Cameron & Nick Clegg and the way they had come across on the much hyped Live TV debates. Always available to talk about the Look Good Club I found myself on BBC local radio on a regular basis discussing the performance of the candidates.  One of my appearances was just after Gordon Brown’s infamous ‘Gaffe-Gate’ incident the discussion was not so much about the colour of the ties but about reputation management. In the media these days style tends to win over substance but not this time. 

 'Winters' usually have dark hair and  look best in colours such as black, dark grey, navy with white shirts. They happen to be power colours that give the impression of authority, seriousness and gravitas.  It is noticeable that fairer men are less represented in politics and public life but take a look at the world of showbiz and you will find that’s where they are!


Winter men: Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John Prescott,  David Milliband, Barack Obama, Jeremy Paxman

Non-winter men: David Beckham (autumn),  Nick Clegg (autumn),  Brad Pitt (summer), Jonathan Ross, Chris Tarrant (spring), William Hague (summer)


Christmas and New Year on board the Balmoral

How wonderful to have spent Christmas and New Year on board the Balmoral once more delivering a series of presentations themed; The Shopping Rules!

Luckily there was a constant stream of women of all ages wanting to turn over a New Year resolution and take the opportunity for some advice on their best colours whilst cruising the Western Mediterranean. It was a busy two weeks for me with 6 lectures, around 25 individual consultations and fitting in the many other activities on board ship.  Seeing in the 2010 in Tenerife with a firework show over the sea, courtesy of Fred Olsen was our undisputed highlight and an unforgettable memory.


Review: 'The Shopping Rules' book

"I met you at The Style Alchemist when Lynne had her Inspiration Day and I just wanted to say that I have only just read your book which I loved! Easy to read and very enjoyable. It was brilliant, it really helped me on the style front to and how to piece a consultation together, so a big Thank you!".

Jo Haley, Personal Stylist, New Reflections


The Black Prince - Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

August 2009 saw my partner Dominic & I cruising the Canaries on the ship the Black Prince courtesy of Fred Olsen Cruise Lines. My role was to give 6, 45 minute presentations to passengers entitled ‘Makeover Magic, Cruising to a New You’. (I have a wonderful job, I admit!). I faced stiff competition from the wonderful Mediterranean sunshine on deck but had a loyal and enthusiastic following, eager to learn the Shopping Rules. Armed with a new set of fabulous slides featuring lots of celebrities getting the rules right and wrong, I led everyone through the secrets of colour & style.

After the cruise one of the passengers, Karen, emailed me. It is fantastic to have a job that can make such a difference to people’s confidence. Here is what she said:-

"Hi Julie, It's four weeks since we got home from the Black Prince cruise so I thought I'd let you know how I am getting on. I have lost 15lb in weight which is very pleasing and feeling quite good - though a long way to go!

I have totally re-organised my wardrobe(s) and had a massive (but not yet complete) sort out. I have thrown some things away, bagged up three charity bags for British Heart Foundation and sold some clothes on eBay. This was my sister's idea as we are saving to go to New York when she is 50 and this is my fund! I have made over £140 doing this so far and have sold new and nearly new stuff that just doesn't suit me at all and in some cases is already too big!

What remains in my wardrobes is sorted out into colours and I feel quite proud of what I have managed so far.

Walking around the shops and looking at clothes is quite different now as you said it would be and I look and know very quickly what could be suitable. Most of it is not and the Autumn colours in the shops are quite revolting for me. I have not wasted any money at all on clothes since coming back from holiday (and I spend a lot). I have simply bought two scarves - one is coral and one bright green which suit me and should pep up all the black and white in what is left of my wardrobe! The scarves were "two for one" - reduced summer stock - as well so that really was a "bargain".

Have enjoyed reading your book and will keep referring to that and to the colour art.

Best wishes and many, many thanks, Karen ".


The Shopping Rules on Holiday

One of the great advantages of knowing the Shopping Rules is when you go on holiday. As your clothes automatically mix and match it is easy to pack knowing that most of your clothes go together effortlessly. My own wardrobe was put to the test on board the Black Prince. An older ship, it had no launderette on board so whatever I took had to last two weeks.  And of course in my role as Guest Speaker on ‘Colour, Style & Confidence’ there is no way I could leave my cabins in my everyday dirty scruffs.

Anyway I am pleased to say I sailed through the casual, smart casual and formal days & nights and even managed to colour co-ordinate through the Best of British, Country & Western & Tropical Themed parties! I would never have managed without the Shopping Rules!



BRAND NEW SERVICE:  ‘FASHION DRAWING’ included with Style Rules Consultation

It has long been a problem how to provide personalised diagrams/drawings of best styles and I’ve had to rely on my GCSE art skills for inspiration.  Recently I attended a brilliant workshop course run by fashion designer Gillian Howard where we learned to do professional looking fashion diagrams of garment shapes & designs. Gillian trained at St Martin’s School of Art before working for designers such as Laura Phillips, Janice Wainwright and the late Jean Muir, so we were in good hands. And it was hard to believe that in one day we could produce drawings that were very nearly up to Gill’s standard.

As a result all Style Rules Consultations now include a unique ‘fashion drawing’ of yourself wearing an outfit designed specially for you.  It will represent your own personal style & will incorporate the rules on personality, shape, line & colour. It will serve as a lasting reminder of ‘The Rules’. I am proud to say totally unique to the Look Good Club.


Anyone interested in personal image and branding will find this article ‘A Brand Called You’ by management guru Tom Peters. Very interesting.


Style on a Budget

I am a regular listener of BBC Coventry and Warwickshire’s breakfast show presented by Liz Kershaw.

Regular listeners will know that Liz and her roving reporter Fran love shopping and are easily seduced by a bargain, clothes or otherwise. I have been a guest on their show several times and slowly I am trying to teach Fran the shopping rules.  She would be the first to say that she buys first, and thinks later.

Last summer I delved into her wardrobe to weed out some of her lurking disasters and explain how to choose clothes to suit her. I could tell she is interested but not converted.  Definitely work in progress.

A couple of weeks ago I was called again. My mission was to find a new summer outfit for Fran with a ‘virtual’ £20 generously donated by the programme.  Low and behold, in Primark we found a top, leggings, shoes, sunglasses and even a small bag, just about within the budget. The virtual £20 was spent. And so was £20 of my own budget on a bargain summer dress for me (from Debenhams!). And what's more-they actually suited Fran and will give her a versatile up-to-date look for next to nothing.  And hopefully they will last long enough for the next trend to come along.

Remember 'colour, style and confidence doesn't matter how much you spend, it's what you buy that's important!'

For more information click here


"One day I'll....have my colours done!"

Browsing through an in flight magazine I came across an article abut how long it takes people to make up their mind to buy/use a new product or service. It wasn’t about image, in particular but the principles are similar.  I have discovered doing something about one’s image is often a very slow burner, sometimes taking years.
I have adapted the article below.

Typical stages a prospective ‘Shopping Rules’ client goes through

  • Total disbelief the shopping rules can work
  • Asking people what they think and being ridiculed for even considering
  • Re-reading the website, doing a bit more research, mulling things over, procrastinating
  • Think of a 100 reasons not to book, fail to commit, put back on the to-do list, will do one rainy day
  • A sudden spark, a leap of faith, take the plunge and book
  • Worry like mad what to wear and what will happen, have I done the right thing?
  • Take the plunge, enjoyed a consultation, very impressed with the results
  • Become convert. Tell anyone and everyone about it. Apply rules diligently. Look loads better. Feel more confident.
  • Friends admire your new look. You pass on details. You will urge them to get in touch.
  • They have total disbelief the shopping rules can work…….!!!!!!
  1. And the message? DON'T DELAY. BOOK TODAY!


Book Out Now

'The Shopping Rules'

Only £7.99 plus P&P

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A brand new confident
image in just 2 hours.

'The Shopping Rules' book

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of my book  the Shopping Rules for Women. I look forward to hearing your views and comments.

Its publication  in mid August has turned out to be a springboard to a new phase for the Look Good Club.

The book has been selling steadily even to parts of the world as far away as Quebec, Canada. I was thrilled to discover it is being used as a basis for a ‘Colour, Style & Confidence’ course for women from the English speaking minority in rural, isolated farms across the Province. With advice from me, information from the book and the provision of ‘Online’ colour analysis the course about 4,000 miles away from here is about to begin. I wish the organiser Barbara, from the Avante Women's Centre lots of luck. It is great to know the Look Good Club is making a difference here and abroad.

Below are just a couple of comments from readers:

"Thanks for the book. It's great!  I get it now. I am def a Victoria Beckham - you are right - I do look better in angles and points etc.  Have tried the curvy thing, but it definitely doesn't work.  I am much more a sharp suit sort of person.  Now just looking carefully at clothes in the shops and trying to work out if they are a Victoria or a Catherine.  It is a great book. You've got everything spot on! Will definitely recommend to my gal pals."  Kind regards, Fiona

"…………. you can quote me. I can't stand shopping, don't give a toss about fashion per se, never happier than when covered in mud in garden etc etc.  BUT to my surprise and delight The Shopping Rules,  is to me a bible on a) how not to waste time and money on stuff, which includes hours spent shopping; b) how to, nonetheless, look okay with minimum effort; and c) [partly due to a) and b)] how to give your self-esteem a kick up the backside. Hurrah! " Rx

"Thanks for the book. Its great. Such a down to earth, practical and very useful book. Well done". Lynne

I have been asked where I got my book published. For any budding authors out there I can recommend York Publishing Services who made the self-publishing process easier and less expensive than I would have thought.


Kettlewell Colours

You may have read about Kettlewell Colours in a recent edition of Woman and Home. So many of my clients complain that now they know their colours - they can’t find them anywhere. As someone that has spent the last three years hoping that lilac will come back into fashion I do sympathise. At last here is a manufacturer who makes high quality tops in a wide range of seasonal colours to suit all shapes and sizes. I will be teaming up with them to make sure you get the very best service and the right colour top for you. If you make an order from their site I have a small request, could you please mention me (Julie Sanders at the Look Good Club) so that I can be acknowledged for putting this fantastic link on my site. Thank you.

If you want to make sure you get the best colour and stlye for you why not book a Personal Colour Consultation or Online Colour Analysis.


The Women’s Zone Online

I am proud to have been invited to be the Fashion, Shopping and Image Advisor on The Women’s Zone an excititng new website for women everywhere. There is a lively interview on there where you can learn more about 'the Shopping Rules', If you are lucky you may also win  a copy of my book on the competition page.  You will also find details of how to contact me for some personal styling advice.


New Make Up Range

I am pleased to announce a fantastic new make up range by First Impressions which has been launched to replace the now discontinued colour co-ordinated  Moritz range which many of my clients have used for several years. The good news for existing clients is that all the Moritz colours have been matched, albeit with different names and there are some new shades too. It’s the same fragrance-free, natural, not tested on animals, hypoallergenic formulation. Prices are reasonable and of course, perfectly co-ordinated to your seasonal colours. Please contact me for an order form or guidance on your new colours.



2009 will see me once again offering Makeover Magic to Fred Olsen passengers. I will be a Guest Speaker on two Cruises to the Canaries:

  • Black Prince - 8th August 2009
  • Balmoral - 21st December 2009


The Look Good Club book due for launch 1st August 2008 - £7.99 plus P&P

After 18 months of thinking, writing, typing, proofing and printing, the Look Good Club book 'The Shopping Rules' is now going to print and will be available from 1st August. We have already had many enquiries and will contact all of you who have emailed at the end of July.  You will be able to order the book online so make a date with yourself to check back on 1st August. It is just £7.99 and is packed full of Colour & Style tips. It will also  make a lovely gift and we hope to be able provide a gift wrapping service shortly.


Never too old to look great

Proving that the shopping rules apply at any age we took a group of ‘mature’ ladies shopping and showed them how to look bang up to date. Our over 75s had by their own admission got stuck in their ways and thought that they had outgrown fashion, believing the latest trends were for the very young or very thin.

Take a look below to see our Makeover results. Truly stunning, the difference the right colour and a flattering style-not to mention a new hairdo can achieve!


Fundraising for McMillan Nurses

A Ladies Pamper evening for the Kenilworth Lions raised over £700 for McMillan Nurses. A full house turned out for an evening of Colour & Style with Julie entertaining the audience with a presentation on the Shopping Rules. Thank you to all those who ran a stall and to Jean for organising.


Next Cruise: 9th July 2008 on board Fred Olsen’s ship, The Black Watch

Join the Black Watch for a very special ‘Makeover Magic Cruise’ whilst cruising the Baltic Sea.


Spring 2008

The Look Good Club: Shopping Rules for Women due to be published Spring 2008.

Please click here to register for an advance order or click here for a FREE taster download (pdf).


Date for your diary

Look Good Club: The Colour Rules Workshop

Sunday 18th May 10.30- 1.30pm
Location: Coventry

Just £25 per person.

Please click here for further details


Online Shopping

In Summer 2008 we will be launching a range of clothes for Look Good Club members and associates. You will be able to search for clothes not only by size and price, but by colour, style and shape too. In other words the clothes will match the Shopping Rules!

Please watch this space or contact us for more details.


New Venture

This Autumn an ex student of mine Jane Barrett and her friend Kim have started a 'Dress Agency'. Here's what they wrote to me about their news:

'My friend Kim and I started running the Dress Agency from our local community centre in Exhall in October. We had spoken about this for some time but weren't quite brave enough to take on a shop, and all that it entails, straight away, so we thought we would "give it a try" at the centre on a Sunday.

I think I was motivated by attending one of Julie's Colour, Style and Confidence Courses where I was amazed to discover the difference the right Colour and Style can make, even the wrong neckline or length can totally ruin your look.  It made me look at clothes in a completely different way and I think it was the push that Kim and I needed to start our agency.

The way it works is that we sell designer and top high street name clothes for people, that are unworn or hardly worn, and take a commission for the sale.

We have been amazed at the response and are now running it at 2 other venues in Nuneaton.  We stock everything from shoes, handbags and accessories to stunning evening dresses and wedding suits.  In fact we have such a fabulous collection of hats that we are now thinking of having a wedding section just on it's own.

Please contact us for further details either by email or telephone Kim on 02476 311050 or Jane on 02476 318639’.

Well done Jane and Kim. The Look Good Club wishes you every success.


Makeover Magic: Cruising to a Confident New You

A dream come true for me, I get to travel the world giving the Look Good Club: 'Cruising to a Confident New You' on board Cruise Ships. In 6 hour long sessions I entertain the passengers with my step by step guide to the Shopping Rules- and do a surprise makeover to one lucky passenger.

The Programme covers:

  • how to put together a stylish wardrobe whatever your budget;
  • how to choose your most flattering colours and styles;
  • how to select accessories to achieve a take you anywhere wardrobe;
  • help you achieve a new look by taking you shopping on board (subject to on-board availability).

Our lucky passenger on this trip was Vanda.

In the Press

» view article (PDF)

» view article (PDF)

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» view article (PDF)

What some of my clients say

Our course was greatly appreciated. You delivered it in an unassuming, gentle but effective way. Thank you so much-we all benefited greatly.

Liz ‘Spring Clean Your Life’

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