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For several years I have run 3 very popular confidence boosting workshops –designed to give you a kick start, motivation, support and a helpful dose of inspiration. You can attend one or all, the choice is yours, but I generally recommend this order:

1. The Look Good Club: ‘Shopping Rules’ workshop
This Workshop aims to answer some of your most common wardrobe problems. Never again will you waste money on clothes that looked good in the shop but somehow not right on you. By applying the ‘Shopping Rules’ you can look 10 years younger easily-and the only surgery you will need is in your wardrobe.


  • How Did Your Wardrobe Get Like This?
  • The ‘It’ll Do’ approach to shopping
  • The Shopping Rules
  • Your Personal Shopping Checklist

You will take home:

  • Your personal colour direction
  • Your style personality
  • Knowledge of how the colour & style rules apply to you
  • Your personal ‘Shopping Rules’ Checklist
  • A personalised make-up chart indicating your perfect colours
  • Opportunity to purchase a Colour Shopping Swatch
  • Access to a great range of  on-line shopping in your best colours and styles

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2. The Look Good Club: 'Spring Clean Your Life' workshop

  • Do you need a confidence boost?
  • Does your life need to change but you don’t know how?
  • Has your life become one endless to-do list?
  • Have you lost direction, motivation & inspiration?
  • In other words do you wish a Fairy Godmother would enter your life & sort it out for you?

You will take home:

  • Inspiration
  • Support
  • Motivation
  • Tools & Techniques to kick start your new life

Join this ‘Spring Clean Your Life’ Coaching Workshop. You will get the confidence, support, tools and techniques that will help you move your life on to another level. 

‘Spring Clean Your Life’ will teach you powerful Life Coaching techniques, usually only available on a one-to-one basis. You will be amazed at how quickly you & your life starts to change.

Effective, yet informal, and discrete –you can work on whatever issues are holding you back. Your issues can remain totally private-you will NEVER be required to say anything that would embarrass you or make you feel exposed

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3. The Look Good Club: 'Super Confidence' workshop

  • What would your life be like if you had the confidence to do and say the things you really want to do?
  • Do you have dreams, ideas and plans in your head but lack that extra oomph to get them to actually happen?
  • Do you make excuses to yourself and others for not making the most of your abilities and talents?

Our Workshop ‘Super Confidence’ will give you the tools, inspiration and support so that you can face your life head on and get into the driving seat.

You will get:

The aim is to start with wherever you are in your life and use tried and tested tools that can help lift the quality of your life to an even higher level.

  • You will discover what it is you would really love to do-if you had the confidence
  • You will identify your confidence barriers and why they hold you back
  • You learn simple tools and techniques that will help you overcome them
  • You will get loads of support, inspiration and motivation
  • You will start to put your new confident goals into action

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Conferences, Events & Presentations

With a background in teaching, training and management development I am skilled at presenting a wide variety of subjects at lectures, presentations, demonstrations and workshops. Here are some examples:

  • Colour, Style & Confidence: The Shopping Rules
    Entertain your audience with a Presentation on ‘The Shopping Rules’. Informative, interactive, colourful and with a Shopping Rules checklist to take home as a reminder. This presentation will act as a memorable interlude at any Conference. Julie will invite all delegates to share the secrets of her latest book The Look Good Club. This talk is usually 60 minutes but a series of talks can make up a full 'Makeover Magic' course;
  • The Shopping Rules in the Workplace
    An ideal team event, especially if the audience is exclusively women and prefer clothes & shopping to outward-bound team building events. Learn how to get the right image for work without breaking the bank. Interactive, colourful, stylish and lots of learning to take home;
  • Confidence Lab
    A highly effective one-day Workshop designed to unblock some of the common fears present in the workplace (interviews, presentations, difficult colleagues). Using a variety of tools participants learn how their fears can be challenged and changed. Confidence Coaching encourages you to look at your world from a different point of view - the results can be quite remarkable.
  • Achieving A Balance in 24/7
    With the current demands in today’s workplace many people find themselves working long hours and getting their life ‘out of balance’. This One Day workshop looks at the pressures of 21st Century life and the workplace and gives you space to refocus, work out your priorities and get back in control.

What some of my clients say

Our course was greatly appreciated. You delivered it in an unassuming, gentle but effective way. Thank you so much-we all benefited greatly.

Liz ‘Spring Clean Your Life’

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