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The Look Good Club is the result of many years of working in the Image Consultancy and Coaching with many women and a few men who want to change aspects of their appearance and their lives.

Look Good Club members have joined the Club by booking a 'Shopping Rules’ consultation or have attended a class or demonstration. As a result they know how to shop with confidence by applying 'The Shopping Rules'.

They know what suits them, they know their best colours, they recognise the styles that will make the best of their shape and know how to put a coordinated wardrobe together that will suit every occasion.

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About the founder

It was in the early nineties when I invested in 'having my colours done' which launched me into a new career. I couldn't believe how a few simple tips could transform my appearance and my confidence.

The feedback was so positive after a few months I decided to build on my exisiting skills as 'Management Development Trainer' and add 'Image Consultancy' to my portfolio.

My business was an instant success and has led to me running workshops, demos and courses across the world and appearing in magazines, on radio and TV, as well as private consultations.

Training as a 'Life Coach' added another dimension to my business and has truly helped me live up to my slogan 'changing your appearance - changing your life'.

My workshops 'Spring Clean Your Life' and 'Super Confidence' have proved highly popular.

This year sees me working once again for Fred Olsen's Cruise Lines bringing my brand of 'Makeover Magic - Cruising to a Confident New You' to its passengers. I have recently published my first book - 'The Look Good Club - The Shopping Rules'.

The Look Good Club - The Shopping Rules

What are the Shopping Rules? Have you ever thought about the purpose of clothes? From the Shoppers point of view clothes, in the first place, are to keep you warm and decent. Most of us can manage that one! But also they are meant to be worn (but as we know some stay unworn and unloved in carries bags at the bottom of the wardrobe!). Ideally they will also make us look good and feel confident! Now that is the really hard bit and most of us get that wrong at least some of the time –but a knowledge of  the Shopping Rules will definitely help you with.

From the retailers point of view clothes are there to make a profit. Unworn and unloved doesn’t matter because its about using any marketing technique to make you part with your cash and take home a bag full of the latest offerings.

Not surprising then that we end up with a wardrobe full of clothes, nothing to wear and a lighter purse, promising ourselves another trip to the High St to start all over again.

The Shopping Rules are about:

  • the simple shopping secrets that ensure you find the perfect outfit every time;
  • not falling for the retailers merchandising techniques, buying what they want to sell;
  • looking good at the same time saving you time, money and effort.

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What some of my clients say

Our course was greatly appreciated. You delivered it in an unassuming, gentle but effective way. Thank you so much-we all benefited greatly.

Liz ‘Spring Clean Your Life’

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